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About us

We are a spanish company, whose main dedication is purchasing plastic raw materials and its later distribution at the worldwide market, as well to the technical advice related to the plastic transformation.

We have been in the market since 2006 exporting, importing and advising, which has allowed us to earn the respect and prestige of both suppliers and customers.

Our work team is based on the commitment, reliability and special dedication in looking alter professional and personal treatment, characteristics which combined with its technical profile, are one of the main keys of our company success.

Professionals that form our team have a wide experience and acknowledgment at their activity. They have been gradually joining to our framework because of their excellence and deep qualification in every activity they hold.

Our Philosphy

  • FLEXIBILITY - We adapt to the needs of each client.   
  • QUALITY -  Our service offers are not subject to commercial sales interests. We work independently and our customers value it. 
  • PRESTIGE - The long professional trajectory of our team and perseverance in our quality services have given the necessary prestige. Our customers are our best advertising.
  • TRANSPARENCY - We work independently and our customers value it.

Our Suppliers

Wise Plastic selects the best suppliers of materials based on the following criteria:

1. Total cost of delivery of the product or service

2. Performance and service trajectory

3. Compliance and control of contracts and total costs

4. Provider capabilities

5. Accurate and timely compliance with the requirements established in the Purchase Order

6. Accuracy of the documentation

7. Innovative products and services

The policy of Wise Plastic is to maintain long and medium term relationships with the best suppliers in the market, to obtain a mutual advantage in terms of price, quality and process costs. For this, we develop a strategic policy with those suppliers that offer benefits of technical cooperation, supply guarantee and innovation processes.

Our goal is to create an open and fair competition environment among our suppliers. The choice of suppliers is based on their ability to meet the requirements, including quality, service, flexibility, their ability to improve processes and increase productivity with an appropriate final cost.

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